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Machine learning: role in the software industry  

Machine learning is developing at a rapid rate and is now being used more within many industries. It’s the process of teaching a computer system to make predictions based on a set of data. Thanks to machine learning computers are able to now do jobs that humans would previously have to do. These are just a few of the top ways in which machine learning is helping the software industry, which ultimately translates to cost savings for clients commissioning custom software.

Estimate before a project begins

We all know how easy it is for a project to take longer than initially expected to complete. In order to help improve the estimation process, machine learning can be used to create project projections. It uses data from a software house’s previous work to arrive at a budget estimate for future projects. It looks at forecasts, and features, then it can formulate a plan, that can save a lot of time and minimise the chance of errors and frustration for the project.

Decision-making processes

Production teams spend so much time going back and forth discussing the options available for their upcoming work.  Machine learning analyses the project workload and provides information to make appropriate decisions. This means that projects are completed in less time and with fewer errors.


Software Prototypes are a critical part of any project, but it often takes months of discussions and prototypes to reach a solution. Machine learning could reduce this lengthy process to just a few days, freeing up time for the development team.

We always encourage anyone undertaking manufacturing, engineering, or production projects to use prototyping beforehand. Thanks to machine learning software prototyping is easier than ever before. Your commissioned bespoke software project will go from the initial concept to a completed prototype rapidly, allowing the main bulk of your work sooner than you would expect.


Along with software prototyping, another area of frustration for teams is testing. Testing is critical to ensure your product is fit to be put out into the world and the earlier testing starts the better. However, it can also be a time-consuming and costly part of the development process. Machine learning can offer companies more accurate testing and help with safety checking. For companies that don’t currently employ a large testing team, this is also a cost-effective solution instead of hiring new employees.

Speeded programming

For products that also have an element of software involved, machine learning can be as a programming assistant. Coding teams spend much of their time learning processes, and instead, programming assistants can learn from previous experiences. They’ll find errors during the development stage and can then identify any issues from system logs.

Where to from here?

Machine learning is an incredible tool for a wide range of industries including custom software development. It helps to cut the costs of developing software and this saving can be passed along to the client. We expect to see it used more frequently for all of the uses listed above where it will help to create flawless products and speed up the development. This technology can help to minimise errors and reduce the need for humans to do some repetitive tasks.

If you’re looking to speed up your company productivity bespoke business software can give you a boost. To find out more contact the BSPOKE Software team.

BSPOKE Software - Image showing robots at school to represent how machine learning, how it is benefit the custom software industry.
BSPOKE Software - Image showing robots at school to represent how machine learning, how it is benefit the custom software industry.

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