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Software dark mode – what are the benefits?

Software dark mode is currently all the rage, not only within software development but for the average person too. For example, perhaps you’ve already got it set up on your laptop or smartphone, browsing with less strain on your eyes, a more aesthetically pleasing look, and perhaps even longer-lasting battery life.

Despite this, very few people, including businesses know the benefits of dark mode. Therefore, in this blog post, we will highlight several benefits of dark mode when it comes to software development.

Reduced eye strain

To begin with, those who use dark mode are likely to reduce their eye strain. If you’re designing a program or looking to upgrade your software, adding a dark mode feature allows your users to work for longer with less fatigue. This is beneficial in itself for numerous reasons, including increased motivation, less need to take breaks, and increased productivity.

At the same time, using dark mode within software development may improve the overall health of employees and those using your software. For example, a slight reduction in blue light exposure, may improve sleep, reinforcing healthy habits, and promoting all-around better health.

Dark mode looks great!

Second, software development dark mode, and dark mode used on other applications looks great. The obvious distinction between light and dark colours allows your logo and branding to pop, and may make your text easier to read. Despite this, not all websites or software programs should be using dark mode. For instance, if your overarching brand aim is light and cheery, perhaps charity work, or something similar, then a dark mode option may dampen the mood. Now, while this is a rarity, it is something to consider. So, try it out yourself, ask for feedback from others, and make an informed decision for the best results for your business.

It’s always great to provide the option when it comes to custom software development.

If you’re considering developing or editing new software for your business, then you should consider a dark mode. However, it’s important to not only transition to a dark mode option, but to ensure there is an alternative; the regular white classic background option. This is because some users and employees will not want to use dark mode, whether it’s quite simply too dark, they’re not a fan of the colour, or perhaps they don’t want to switch after being so familiar with the old design.

So, whether you choose to use dark mode yourself as a business owner or employee, if you are implementing dark mode, ensure you can turn it on and off. This makes all the difference, increasing accessibility to all employees.

Dark mode increases readability

Another reason to consider the use of dark mode is the increased readability. As the colours are contrasting (white to black), this makes it easier on the eyes. After a full day of work, proofreading, or writing, reading can become strenuous and difficult. However, switching over to the dark mode can provide a new lease on life. Well, not quite. But it can provide less strain and more motivation to finish up for the day.

Besides, some users and employees will prefer dark mode to use regularly as opposed to other options. Having this option available at all times accommodates all people. And guess what? This also increases productivity. It’s a win, win!

Increased comfort

Working from home has been the new normal for an uncomfortable amount of time. However, while the majority of businesses are back in the office, some still utilise a work from home option. During this time, some employees may choose to work a little later than usual (if possible). Therefore, as a business, you should do your best to accommodate to these needs. Implementing dark mode into your software and apps reduces eye strain, improves readability, and comfort. Comfort is improved as your eyes can adjust much easier.

Extend the battery life of devices

Using software development to implement dark more on appropriate apps and web services may help extend the battery life of numerous devices. With less output required from the screens, this helps save battery. But guess what? This includes running the same brightness (and other settings) as usual.

This is an especially great feature for those constantly on the go, perhaps working remotely. Saving every percentage of battery life can be crucial, even more so for those running on older model devices that already have lower battery life capacities.

Be unique – stand out!

Finally, if you want to stand out from your competition, consider switching to dark mode. While it is slowly becoming more and more popular, jump the gun early and get ahead of the game. Sure, while it may only be utilised on your own software by your employees, they will no doubt be thankful for the upgrade.

Investing the time and resources today may yield increased productivity tomorrow, so it’s well worth a shot!

Are you ready to upgrade your software to add a dark mode feature?

If you’re ready to upgrade your existing software to include a dark mode feature, then contact the team at BSPOKE Software today. Similarly, if you’re looking for brand new software for your business, we can also help. As experts in the industry, we can help create software for numerous businesses, such as accounting, construction, cleaning, supply professional services, and manufacturing, or others.

BSPOKE Software - csutom software in dark mode shwon on tablet screen
BSPOKE Software - csutom software in dark mode shwon on tablet screen

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