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Case Study: From Spreadsheets to a Tailored Software Solution


Sweet Causes, a UK-based confectionery company, embarked on a mission to revolutionise its operational processes. They aimed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity across their distribution and collection operations. Partnering with BSPOKE Software, Sweet Causes embarked on a digital transformative journey. They moved away from using Excel spreadsheets, for their business management, to a tailored software solution.

Client Background:

Sweet Causes is committed to supporting charitable causes through the sale of confectionery. Their business model revolves around placing confectionary and snack boxes in local businesses, with a percentage of each sale donated to a partnered charity. Over the years, Sweet Causes has raised significant funds for charitable organizations. To optimise their revenue generation, Sweet Causes employs a team of collectors who visit businesses to restock these boxes and collect proceeds.

Challenges Faced:

When Sweet Causes approached us, they were encountering several challenges in managing their operations. At the time, they were using Excel spreadsheets to handle their business management. As the company grew, this approach became increasingly overwhelming, thus resulting in. many wasted man-hours and the need to increase staff incurred extra costs. Other issues they faced included:

  • Inefficient Route Planning: Manual route planning using Excel was cumbersome and lacked real-time updates, leading to suboptimal collector routes.
  • Data Duplication: Manual entry of data from paper forms to Excel spreadsheets was time-consuming and prone to errors. This led to data inconsistencies.
  • Delayed Reporting: Reporting and data collation for accounting purposes were slow and error-prone. This was due to the manual nature of Excel-based processes.
  • Task Monitoring: Tracking miscellaneous tasks, such as overdue payments and missed collections, was challenging and prone to oversight.
  • Complex Route Management: Rerouting collectors in response to changing conditions was cumbersome and required manual intervention.

Solutions Implemented

A desktop application for Office Staff

Features included in the desktop application:

  • Integrated Bing maps for visual route planning, allowing office staff to optimise collector routes.
  • Advanced filtering and search functionalities to streamline data retrieval and analysis.
  • Seamless data migration of their existing data, from the Excel spreadsheets to the new software platform was achieved at the touch of a button.
  • Introduced real-time notifications for staff to be alerted when routes included BACS payments, shortages and re-routes.
  • Permission management for enhanced task monitoring and data security.
  • Scalable reporting capabilities to support analysis requirements and future expansion.
  • Central database giving instant access to data that was entered in the field by canvasses and collectors.

Android and iOS App for Collectors and Canvassers

Tailored Software Solution mobile application screens

Features included in the mobile application

  • Route navigation, collectors were shown their daily routes, with access to each visit.
  • Alerts to remind collectors to take overdue payments and address other pending issues.
  • Automated time and mileage tracking to streamline expense reporting and performance monitoring.
  • Simplified visit recording and data entry processes for collectors, reducing administrative burden.
  • Ability to record cash collections and monitoring of box inventory levels during visits.
  • Canvassers could add a new customer by entering their details and leaving the chosen charity box.

Results Achieved:

Tailored software solution, mobile application views for Sweet Causes a case study

The implementation of a tailored software solution significantly enhanced Sweet Causes’ operations. It improved communication, facilitated better task management and resource allocation. The flow of data between office staff, collectors, and canvassers was a key benefit, providing real-time updates for all concerned.

Other results achieved were:

  • Streamlined Workflows: By implementing automated route planning and data management processes, the result was a reduction in manual effort and an improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Real-time data capture and centralized data storage minimized errors, delays and inconsistencies.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By minimizing administrative tasks and optimizing processes, staff were able to give more time to vital functions such as innovation, strategic planning, and improving customer relations.

Looking to Move Away from Using Spreadsheets to Run your Business?

Whether you’re facing similar challenges with spreadsheets or seeking to optimize your business processes, BSPOKE Software offers tailored software solutions to meet your unique needs. This ensures that your organization receives customized support and solutions tailored precisely to your requirements.
Our team of experts dedicates itself to providing innovative and efficient solutions that drive business growth, from route planning and data management to reporting and task monitoring. With BSPOKE Software by your side, you can streamline operations, enhance productivity, and unlock your full business potential.


Through collaboration with BSPOKE Software, Sweet Causes successfully transformed its operations, moving away from Excel spreadsheets towards a tailored software solution, that was custom built to its unique business needs. This case study highlights the transformative power of bespoke software, demonstrating its role in driving operational excellence and facilitating business growth. By embracing innovation and technology, Sweet Causes has positioned itself for continued success.

Aside: Investing in Future Success with a Cost-effective Custom Software Solution

While the initial costs of development may seem high at first, the long-term benefits of employing a custom software system far outweigh the initial cost. One of the main cost-saving benefits of employing a custom software system is that it frees up valuable staff time. Companies can save money by employing fewer staff or repurposing their existing workforce to work on more important areas of the business, such as innovation and customer relations. With BSPOKE Software’s tailored solutions, organizations like Sweet Causes can unlock their full potential and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Image showing tailored software solutions, desktop and mobile applications
Image showing tailored software solutions, desktop and mobile applications

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