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Bespoke Software for the health and safety industry

With so many restrictions and rules to obey within the health and safety industry, you need the right tools to assist with this. Bespoke software is a great way to take control of your work and ensure that you are in compliance with the industry. Here we’re going to discover how bespoke software for the health and safety industry will benefit your business after working with the BSPOKE Software team.

An online database for your team

One of the best ways that the health and safety industry could use bespoke software is to create a database for your team. This could be one that your HR team uses, or it could be a customer database for your clients. You’ll find that this is an efficient way to keep everyone’s data in one place. Instead of spending hours going through your computer systems or emails to find data and schedules, it will all be in one convenient location. This is particularly important if you have inspections coming up. You’ll be able to ensure your team knows where they should be at all times to avoid any delays to your completed work.

Improve client satisfaction

With so many clients to juggle, it can be a challenge to keep on top of your work in this industry. We recommend using bespoke software for this reason. You’ll be able to offer regular updates about the status of their work and ensure you have a record of past reports. We know that smaller details can easily be forgotten. When you start using bespoke software for the health and safety industry, this won’t be an issue again. Your clients’ satisfaction should always be the number one priority in everything you do. You’ll be able to better help them overcome issues and ensure that they are content with their work with you.

Increased productivity with bespoke software for the health and safety industry

One of the main benefits of bespoke software is increased productivity. This is because bespoke software no matter what industry a business is in, is always designed with business efficiency as a goal. So if you are a health and safety business our software consultant will tailor the design of your bespoke software system for maximum productivity. Check out two of our health and safety case studies: Workplace RM (who manages the compliance of health and safety regulations for their clients) or Amosite (who work with clients who need asbestos monitoring and removal).

Travel and work

With so many companies travelling to complete health and safety inspections and work, you’ll find that bespoke software can be used anywhere. This is also the case for companies that have team members still working from home in the recent pandemic. Our software can be designed to work with an online connection from anywhere in the world. You could be travelling around the world or on holiday and still enjoy the benefits of this software. This could also be the case if you have teams spread across the country, you can still access the same data. You’ll find that you can then keep up to date on the progress of projects. Teams will ensure they don’t miss out on anything that’s been going on elsewhere.

Schedule daily work with greater efficiency

Our bespoke software for the health and safety industry can be built to include anything you may need. If you have a large team to manage, it can help to allocate daily tasks. Adding a scheduling tool is a popular way to use bespoke software. It can save you time creating manual schedules and ensure that you complete everything you need to in the day.  Your on-site supervisors and team members can also clock in and out using various tools. You’ll be able to keep track of the progress they’ve made in the day and ensure that they are sticking to their set schedule. Team members usually find this to be a much more effective option too. You can give them the chance to access their schedules from anywhere, so they’ll never be late to work again.

Remain in compliance

A huge concern within the health and safety industry is remaining in compliance at all times. Our software can ensure that you and your team stay up to date with changes in the workplace. We’ll offer you the tools that you need to keep everyone in the loop and set reminders for important deadlines. If you need to renew certifications, you can just put this into the system and set up reminders, so they are never out of date. You don’t want to risk your business for the sake of saving a little money on custom software. Many companies are impressed by how affordable this option is as well. We’ll only include the exact features you need, so you can ensure you don’t go over budget on your upcoming bespoke software project.

HR and accounting for the health and safety industry

Finally, one other area of your business that may benefit from bespoke software is your HR and accounting teams. This area of your business will really appreciate the time and effort you put into improving their systems. You can help to automate processes and save them time each day on the most mundane of tasks. Your employees will also appreciate knowing that they are paid each month correctly. So much work goes on behind the scenes in these departments. However, so many business owners overlook ways in which they could assist them. We recommend creating bespoke software for a wide range of departments in your business if you can afford to. It’s a great way to improve employee satisfaction and streamline processes throughout the business. Of course, we can connect these tools for maximum efficiency as well.

Final thoughts about bespoke software for the health and safety industry

Bespoke software for the health and safety industry offers many benefits to business owners. Regardless of the size of your business, it’s never too late to invest in custom software. Our team will be here to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have. We’ll work with you to design a piece of software that’s unique to your company. You’ll find that in time, this helps to improve your way of working and push you forward. Companies with bespoke software remain competitive in their industry. They will enjoy all of the benefits of using this software for many years to come. Contact us today for more information and to discuss the ways in which we can assist you. We’ll be happy to discuss any concerns you may have and find the right solution for your business in the health and safety industry.

BSPOKE Software - Health and safety equipment representing bespoke software for the health and safety industry
BSPOKE Software - Health and safety equipment representing bespoke software for the health and safety industry

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